Saturday, January 22, 2011

a different kind of winter wonder

 we wanted to go to glendale SOOO bad, but for one reason or another it was going to end up costing us way more than we were willing to spend, especially with a new house. so we decided to just have friends over and make the best of it.
 william and i are ready for the big duck hunt! george robert said he was going to wear his duck hunting clothes since we were playing the ducks...i thought that sounded pretty cute, but i forgot that included the holey green sweat pants.
 we had a variety of duck at our "tailgate" (grilled, fried, kebab)
 we had tons of food and cute auburn cupcakes along with brownie trifle.
george robert put on mm's head band to make her laugh and then auburn scored, so he wouldn't take it off! then our power went out with 10 seconds left on the clock due to the snow and ice. we were horrified! then we all ran outside and turned the car radios on and heard "the kick is up, and it is good! auburn wins the national championship!!!"

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