Friday, February 11, 2011

merci "coo-coo"

mr. talkative has really been cracking us up lately. his favorite word is still "no" but he's really starting to take a stab at words even if no one can understand. little did i know he'd been saying "thank you" for a while, i just didn't realize it...thinking back, when i give him his cup or a snack, he'd say "coo-coo"...bless his sweet heart. he also loves to help. yesterday he mopped almost the whole downstairs. (i tried to take the mop, but he cried, so i just followed him around with it) and if he spills something, he will put ev-er-y piece back in the bag. the cutest was at Christmas, he spilled some water on the floor (and himself) and my mom handed him a dish towel intending for him to dry his hands on it, instead, he knelt down and started cleaning the floor. awwww.

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Cat said...

this is so sweet! looks like we'll be neighbors in a few weeks. :) oh, and you may want to update your sidebar since iblog will no longer be soon. if you want to keep "following", update it to my new URL: