Thursday, April 7, 2011

the pals

 the pals have been playing outside A LOT. and i should know better than to trust the quiet...because this, my friends, is not a rain puddle. buster turned the water hose on and made a little lake.
 since the damage was done, i let them enjoy it for the afternoon.
 william wears the camo boots rain or shine.
 the cool mornings/warm afternoons, and random 40 degree days mixed in with the 75's have confused the b, she dresses for the high and the low...
i looooved this little video of mary martin giving william the animal sound quiz. you have to listen fast at the beginning to catch the "meow" which is my favorite.

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The Crawfords said...

So cute! Love the camo boots! My little ones are big pals, too! It makes my heart smile to see them enjoying one another.