Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sweet william

my baby will be 2 on may 26th. it is so hard to believe! he has been my snuggly, cuddly baby. i never imagined i would love him like i do. i thought it would be impossible to love anything as much as mary martin, but like my mom says, God just opens your heart and you love them equally. william...what can i say about him? he started out a very mediocre-looking baby (no offense buddy) but has turned into such a handsome wittle fella, we call him eye candy. his sister has taught him to share and it warms my heart as they will share anything they have with one another. lets see...he loves tractors (boom-booms or tattas) tools, "working"- sweeping, mopping, raking, etc, playing outside, animals -dogs and now-nows (cats) and boots. he loves wow wow wubbzy (uzzy) and blues clues (goos gooz) a little bit of elmo and lately he loves thomas (donnits) he loves his donnits books and toys. his other favorite books are called 'trucks' and 'diggers' can you guess whose son he is?!?! i love it though, just how a little boy should be, busy ridin' on something and covered in dirt. he is talking a lot, and we understand most of it ;) he is getting to be a big boy. however he does still love his pacifier..whose days are numbered. he is still a very low-maintainance baby just like he's been since day 1. he's also been remarkably healthy which we thank God for! his nicknames are budders, buster, buster-cat and bubba. i want buster-cat to stick because i think its funny. i also want him to play a sport like football so i can make a big sign that says "git em bustercat" hehe. here's a little photo montage of his year :)

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Just call me D said...

awww... eye candy for sure!