Friday, May 27, 2011

william's birthday day

first we started the day with his favorite breakfast...bacon. my dad spent the night with us because he had gone to the AU baseball game with GR, and both kids were super excited that he was there when they woke up. william said (at 7:30) "lets go shug, lets go play outside!" so they did. :) then he, sissy and i ran 2 little party errands and played together. sissy even let him play IN her room WITH her 'stuff'...normally when he gets in the doll high chair she has a fit. that flower baby toy on the table is the "centerpiece" for all mm's tea parties.
then we went to mexican and came home for some cupcakes
walden, wubbzy, birdy-bird, widget, and wubbzy's kickety-kickball
he had a great day and we loved spending it with him. stay tuned for pictures from the tractor party!

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