Thursday, September 29, 2011

mary martin's pony party!

 precious invite by emily at 29:11 creations. you can find her on facebook! that is actually mary martin's silhouette.
 the birthday girl in her new pony shirt dede surprised her with and rockin' the best hand-me-down ever...purple cowgirl boots!!
 i used our storage house as the backdrop because it kind of looks like a barn, it even has the little rooster on top.
 pony pops that i made with a mold and candy melts (super easy!), ruffle cake and cupcakes by dreamcakes, and pink popcorn made by drizzling the leftover candy melts on the popcorn.
 i made the happy birthday cake banner with a pack of letters from michaels, hot glue, ribbon and wire.
 the favors were the cowgirl hats and goodie bags with my little pony socks from target's $1 bin and a purple whirly pop and pink rock candy. mom and i did the flowers. i went to the flower wholesaler and got the purple and pink flowers, some baby's breath and greenery and it made a ton of arrangements.
 the birthday girl and peanut the pony
 william and blackjack the pony
 he LOVED the ponies. he would be pretty much inconsolable when we made him get off so other kids could have a turn.
 singing to the birthday girl! the M's in the background are cupcake liners hot glued on cardboard M's i cut out of boxes.

 thanks to my sweet friend jamie lane who gave me my stella & dot earrings! :)
 william and his buddy abby brown.
 mm checking out her sweet presents
 uncle scott trying to console bustercat
the birthday girl had a GREAT time at her pink and purple pony party. thanks to everyone who came!! i did decide that this would be my last "big" party to do for her. next year we'll have a friend or 2 over or go somewhere. it is so fun to plan the parties but then when i start executing all the ideas i have i end up spending days making things, not to mention the money we'd save :) william wants a "weedy" party (woody..from toy story) for his 3rd birthday, so it looks like we'll be having mrs. ruby and peanut and blackjack back again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

these boots are made for walkin'...on the plains

 william walking as fast as he can to get to tiger walk.
 whew. we made it.
  trooper! william liked giving the players high 5's for a little while then he got a little shy
                                           mm starstruck by the tiger pause
                                           they were SO sweet to her
 here we are in the giant paw (which mm LOVES to stand in) hey
                                         look, there's a new sign on the stadium! ;)
                     ahhh, the glory days. :) that is for a few of my friends
                                           who heard me reference this season many times
william wore his boots the whole day, he got quite a bit of attention too. his daddy said it was too bad he didn't need to pick up any chicks because william was a total babe magnet. i don't think twice about the boots anymore since he has worn them literally every day for about 8 months. he had a great 1st visit to auburn and b had a great 2nd visit. war eagle!