Thursday, October 27, 2011

a gentle & quiet spirit

this topic has always been troubling to me because anyone who knows me knows i am not "quiet." i am gentle- most of the time- but i know those 2 traits are pleasing to God and it troubled me that i didn't feel i was quiet. i thought, does this mean i can't joke and be funny anymore? that's how God apparently made me, so am i to make myself into a different person? i'm not "loud" per se, just talkative and sociable i beat myself up and questioned things for a couple of weeks because i'm not quiet and gentle. then i came across a tweet from revive our hearts that said this:

Mary Kassian says, "Quietness has more to do with the state of our hearts than the quantity and volume of our words (although the one definitely influences the other). Even women who are gregarious, extroverted, and sociable can achieve a calm, tranquil spirit."

God is everywhere and even used social media to answer a question for me. it was silly to think He'd want me to change fundamental personality traits. He wanted me to be aware of the state of my heart: worrying and fretting, not laughing or talking. the quiet is not necessarily related to volume, but calmness. then i thought about her statement that "the one definitely influences the other" and i thought about times when i was worrying and fretting over something..what did i do? i talked to people about it. i complained and the quantity of my words increased! definitely something for me to think about and be aware of. i wanted to share in case anyone else ever wondered how they could be a chatterbox with a queit spirit. :)

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