Sunday, October 23, 2011


 william has been doing a lot of work on the farm this fall. he is working on restoring a 1960's international harvester lawn tractor with his daddy that he calls "ninnam tacta"
george robert let him play with the air compressor which makes a really loud PSHHHHHHH sound when you mash the button, but BC loved it. he wears that yellow/green john deere tool belt with the hat and boots every day. people ask, "aw, little buddy, are you dressed up like a farmer?" and i'm like, "no he is a farmer."

he was so proud to be helping like a big boy. this was also the weekend he became obsessed with those particualr pajamas. (dog damas) he wants to wear them all day every day. and most of the time i don't fight that battle. (won' wee dog!) i put my foot down on sundays and most preschool days, mainly because we have pumpkin jonjons and fall clothes that need to be worn.
who needs a playground when your papa has a SCOOOOOP! (read in the same voice that buddy elf says "SAAANTA" on ELF) he says it with that excitement every time.
it's cotton harvesting time and mm decided this year that playing in the cotton might be fun. she had been a little nervous in previous years. william wouldn't hear of getting in there. he rode the ferris wheel at the fair, but was afraid to bounce around in some cotton...go figure.
mary martin had been the one talking about riding the ferris wheel since this summer, but once she saw it, she chickened out. buster on the other hand heard the words "ferris wheel" and climbed right up there.
we're glad that william's grandmother, juju, isn't afraid of heights, because both william's parents definitely are. she said he didn't love it, but he didn't cry. happy fall everyone!

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Konie said...

AAAAWWWWWWW.....this is all toooooooo cute!!! William is just absolutely adorable at the farm and my boys will love his all boy look! :))))) I also loved MM's bday party! If that's a little girls party I can't wait to see her wedding reception!!!! :)))))) I'm jealous she was in the cotton! I keep wanting to see Terry work that cotton "combine"??? Driving from NC this weekend I saw one and wanted Ken to stop so I could watch!!.....we kept driving:( Love your blog:) and ya'll too.