Monday, February 28, 2011

signs of spring

one exciting thing about this spring is seeing what blooms in our new yard. the previous owners had done some beautiful landscaping, but by the time we saw the house all the flowers were gone.
i found these snowdrops the other day all by their lonesome by the screened porch.
this little dove has made her nest on our front porch column in the confederate jasmine
i have a green thumb but i am still stumped on this one. we'll call it the surprise plant. i hope its pretty because there are several of these!

one of a few hydrangeas starting to bud. i can't wait for them to bloom! i also can't wait to wear white shorts and cute sandals. but that's for another post. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

heart day + yard work

 william got a shovel and a rake for valentine's day and they were a big hit. mary martin got a few girly-girl valentines, but they were not as fun as the yard tools on such a beautiful day.

 then uncle scott stopped by with cupcakes...also a big hit. (uncle scott AND the cupcakes)
we got lots of mail from grandparents and great-grandparents, and had sweet parties at school. it was a sweet, fun day with my 3 valentines.

Friday, February 11, 2011

merci "coo-coo"

mr. talkative has really been cracking us up lately. his favorite word is still "no" but he's really starting to take a stab at words even if no one can understand. little did i know he'd been saying "thank you" for a while, i just didn't realize it...thinking back, when i give him his cup or a snack, he'd say "coo-coo"...bless his sweet heart. he also loves to help. yesterday he mopped almost the whole downstairs. (i tried to take the mop, but he cried, so i just followed him around with it) and if he spills something, he will put ev-er-y piece back in the bag. the cutest was at Christmas, he spilled some water on the floor (and himself) and my mom handed him a dish towel intending for him to dry his hands on it, instead, he knelt down and started cleaning the floor. awwww.

Monday, February 7, 2011

we're kind of boring.

 but we always are after Christmas it seems. i always have zero pictures from january and most of february. these are all from my phone. we're still loving our Christmas pj's from wal-mart that were originally $5.00 on sale for $2.50! they were being so quiet the other night and i came in to find them eating sprinkles on the sofa.
 we've been stuck inside a lot... one weekend hollie came over and we decided we could re-upholster these 2 chairs. one was just stapling underneath, but the other involved some piping and sewing. which luckily she can do. these were never meant to be in my living room but they will be until i can find what i want.  i thought a print would be fun, but scott steered me toward a velvety neutral. hollie laughed when i showed her the fabric i got because i had been saying i wanted a fun ikat or something. i think a modern type fabric on an old chair is so cute...then i opened the bag and it was not only solid, but almost beige. :)
it's nice to have a friend who can do anything.