Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spring cleaning

 first, i LOVE Easter and Easter decorations! they are just so cute :)
this is our small screened porch on the side of our house. we went from garage to no garage (one of homewood's only CONS!) and had nowhere else for the deep freeze. and a deep freeze on the screen porch was just noooot the look i was going for, so i found a picture in BH&G and asked my super talented husband if he could construct a "potting bench" to hide it.....and voila! no deep freeze! it's behind the curtain! and the top is on a hinge so you can access the freezer.
 i haven't actually "styled" it out there (nor have i styled the rest of the house, but all in good time)but the bench is so cute and i'm so proud of it and HIM!
 this is the front porch "after" ...before it was just empty. i got 8 pieces of wicker in monroeville at the antique store for $120. it looked like the picture below. pretty bad. but for that price i thought i could fix it up. i didn't want to go with stark white, so we decided on the same green as the floor. i re-covered the cushions and mom made the pillows this weekend.
 a close up of the before. i had my doubts...
this is when i decided against stark white...and started thinking it may be futile. but now we're all set for lots of outside time this spring and summer!