Sunday, April 24, 2011

spring sing


april 12 we celebrated uncle scott's birthday! mary martin asked what "kind of party" he was having, and i said, "i don't know, maybe you should decide for him!" so she picked scooby doo. every 41 year old's favorite theme. but we made up for that with his (and my) favorite- chocolate ganache cake! we had so much fun and love living close enough to celebrate special days with him. we love you uncle scott!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the pals

 the pals have been playing outside A LOT. and i should know better than to trust the quiet...because this, my friends, is not a rain puddle. buster turned the water hose on and made a little lake.
 since the damage was done, i let them enjoy it for the afternoon.
 william wears the camo boots rain or shine.
 the cool mornings/warm afternoons, and random 40 degree days mixed in with the 75's have confused the b, she dresses for the high and the low...
i looooved this little video of mary martin giving william the animal sound quiz. you have to listen fast at the beginning to catch the "meow" which is my favorite.

Friday, April 1, 2011

the incomparable Christ

i have just finished this book written in 1952 by j. oswald sanders and it is one of my top 5 books of all time. in the first half, he talks about Jesus' life and infers things given what the Bible tells us and what he knows from study about  jewish life in that time. no assertions or embellished details, just things i had never thought of before. such as Jesus' carpentry. He spent His days from the ages of about 12-30 toiling away in a carpenter's shop. "when He was among men He made ploughs, yokes and other farm implements." in His later ministry he aptly used the metaphor of the yoke and plough to illustrate His point. "it is not difficult to imagine that farmers eagerly sought His yokes, for they were 'easy' to use His term and they did not gall the necks of the oxen...there was one shop in nazareth where benches were made to stand on 4 legs and doors open and shut properly- for no second-rate work ever left His bench. near enough was not good enough for our great exemplar"
the second half focuses on His work, from age 30-33 and the last part is called 7 words, and he details the words Jesus spoke from the cross. needless to say, i kept my pencil busy underlining! one other thing that keeps springing to my mind is "He knew how to wield the sword of the Spirit." He constantly used scripture in His replies and especially in His rebukes to satan. He had memorized much of the old testament as a boy. i thought, of course He knew it, He's God! but then i remember, He was also fully man (being made like unto His brethren), so He more than likely memorized it the same way we do. of course He devoted His life to it and bound it to His heart much more perfectly than i ever could. in the last few years i have begun to memorize chunks of scripture, but not enough. i want to be able to "wield the sword of the Spirit" i can't say enough awesome things about this book. in the introduction the author says "it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit who delights to reveal the things of Christ to us, will unveil His glory to those who read this book." i can certainly say that is true for me as many times i would just have to put the book down and offer a prayer of thanksgiving with tear-filled eyes. if you have read it or ever do, please let me know, we can chat about it!