Monday, June 13, 2011

feathering our nest

 when we moved, all of our existing furniture would literally fit in one room of the new house, so we've been adding a few things here and there. i've been taking my time, living in the spaces to see if i'd like art or photographs, ottoman/no ottoman, etc.. which i hope will keep me from making costly mistakes, such as the banana boat. (our sofa which i will address in the future) about a month ago we got 2 comfy chairs for the family room. then my brother helped me pick 2 pillows and a beautiful alabaster lamp to accessorize. i'm ready to accessorize but i'm learning that in designer world, they will NOT accessorize your space until all furniture is in place. so it still looks pretty sparse in here, but i'm living with it. then hopefully i'll be able to live by the statement that some famous designer made: don't live with anything you don't find to be beautiful or useful.
one of the 2 new chairs, pillows, and the lamp in the background. and for now i've hung 3 black and white pictures of the children over the washstand. that was the 1st antique piece of furniture my mother ever bought. so it is special and will always be in our home somewhere. there's also rug sample on the floor back there that we're thinking about. btw: curtains are also in the future. also, that little metal table was only $70 at a cute store here called @home. that's my kind of end table!
mary martin and william planted these zinnia seeds a while back and BOY have they grown! george robert said they didn't stand a chance because william kept raking and shoveling over them. but thankfully zinnias are hardy and now they're as tall as william! we also have tomatoes back there, so plenty of blt's in our future. and this year i am going to make a tomato pie, i always mean to but never do.
the best 99 cents ever spent. i love the colors. they say if you cut them it encourages new growth but i still am very conservative with my cutting because they look so pretty. that's all for now, we have a fun project in the works for the living room i hope to share soon!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

william's tractor party

for brunch we had bacon and country ham, parmesan grits casserole, homemade biscuits, muffins and sausage balls.

on the dessert table we had: tractor tire pops (made by me, g.r.'s idea) tractor cookies (made by hollie), and a precious tractor cake and cupcakes
the birthday boy didn't love the attention, but he did like having everyone around.

the tractor tires were krispy kreme crullers dipped in chocolate
it was a great party, lots of family and like-family, yummy food and a sweet sweet birthday boy to celebrate!