Wednesday, July 27, 2011

disco bunny

 mary martin ran downstairs yesterday sportin' my tap recital outfit circa 1984 saying, "i'm disco bunny!" william wasn't far behind apparently as mr. t.

he doesn't care what she makes him wear as long as he's in the thick of things. he traded his crown for his pie-chuck hat pretty quickly, though. for those who aren't fluent in william, pie-chuck is firetruck ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

beach pictures

 in may, my bff of many years and i took a little trip to the beach with just the boys. braxton liked the beach right away, but william had to warm up.
 he ended up loving it, unfortunately elizabeth and i didn't get to visit very much for chasing after them. we still had fun and always make the most of any visit since they live far away.
we went back to the beach last weekend, and i forgot my camera so all i got were these phone pictures. but we had fun, and can't wait to go again!