Thursday, August 18, 2011

schooltime again

mm and ww started a new preschool year on monday. they both did great and are having a ball in their new classes. mary martin is going 5 days a week now, and william still goes 3.
mary martin is into ponies right now and LOVES her new pony lunch box.

 she started ballet on wednesday, and we are still very neutral on ballet/tap...she just doesn't love it..likes but not loves. however we started gymnastics on tuesday, and she LOVED it! she was so excited and has talked about it non-stop. so we're going to give ballet/tap a few more weeks or maybe until Christmas and if we're still "meh" we're going to drop it. gymnastics pictures coming soon.

i can't think of anything cuter than a little girl all dolled up in ballet clothes, but i can think of things to do with $600/year instead of lessons we don't love. ;)
our last week of summer, we tried to keep busy. painting...
playing outside when it wasn't too hot...
painting the fence...he dips the fly swatter in the fountain and "paints" the fence with water
and helping daddy in the yard. we're glad to be back into a routine and are having fun playing with friends. this is mm's last preschool year...BIG girl school next year!!