Thursday, October 27, 2011

a gentle & quiet spirit

this topic has always been troubling to me because anyone who knows me knows i am not "quiet." i am gentle- most of the time- but i know those 2 traits are pleasing to God and it troubled me that i didn't feel i was quiet. i thought, does this mean i can't joke and be funny anymore? that's how God apparently made me, so am i to make myself into a different person? i'm not "loud" per se, just talkative and sociable i beat myself up and questioned things for a couple of weeks because i'm not quiet and gentle. then i came across a tweet from revive our hearts that said this:

Mary Kassian says, "Quietness has more to do with the state of our hearts than the quantity and volume of our words (although the one definitely influences the other). Even women who are gregarious, extroverted, and sociable can achieve a calm, tranquil spirit."

God is everywhere and even used social media to answer a question for me. it was silly to think He'd want me to change fundamental personality traits. He wanted me to be aware of the state of my heart: worrying and fretting, not laughing or talking. the quiet is not necessarily related to volume, but calmness. then i thought about her statement that "the one definitely influences the other" and i thought about times when i was worrying and fretting over something..what did i do? i talked to people about it. i complained and the quantity of my words increased! definitely something for me to think about and be aware of. i wanted to share in case anyone else ever wondered how they could be a chatterbox with a queit spirit. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


 william has been doing a lot of work on the farm this fall. he is working on restoring a 1960's international harvester lawn tractor with his daddy that he calls "ninnam tacta"
george robert let him play with the air compressor which makes a really loud PSHHHHHHH sound when you mash the button, but BC loved it. he wears that yellow/green john deere tool belt with the hat and boots every day. people ask, "aw, little buddy, are you dressed up like a farmer?" and i'm like, "no he is a farmer."

he was so proud to be helping like a big boy. this was also the weekend he became obsessed with those particualr pajamas. (dog damas) he wants to wear them all day every day. and most of the time i don't fight that battle. (won' wee dog!) i put my foot down on sundays and most preschool days, mainly because we have pumpkin jonjons and fall clothes that need to be worn.
who needs a playground when your papa has a SCOOOOOP! (read in the same voice that buddy elf says "SAAANTA" on ELF) he says it with that excitement every time.
it's cotton harvesting time and mm decided this year that playing in the cotton might be fun. she had been a little nervous in previous years. william wouldn't hear of getting in there. he rode the ferris wheel at the fair, but was afraid to bounce around in some cotton...go figure.
mary martin had been the one talking about riding the ferris wheel since this summer, but once she saw it, she chickened out. buster on the other hand heard the words "ferris wheel" and climbed right up there.
we're glad that william's grandmother, juju, isn't afraid of heights, because both william's parents definitely are. she said he didn't love it, but he didn't cry. happy fall everyone!