Monday, February 20, 2012

a few Christmas pictures..

better late than never, right? the phone is so convenient to take pictures because its always around, but the bad thing about having most of my pictures on my it is that i never do anything with them. we've had a few "stay-at-home-days" as mary martin calls them, so i took the time to get them on the computer.
 the sweetest santa ever! he read them a story to let william warm up to him before the picture. the fact that it was 9:55 a.m. right after thanksgiving did help i'm sure because there was only one other family in line.
 our "gingerbread" manger scene.
 school party day! all dressed up in our Christmas outfits...i was so happy william agreed to wear his red keds that day! he's worn them literally 4 times since i bought them in september.
 cookie and fletcher having a tea party.
 fletcher being a superhero and rescuing cookie who is the damsel in distress on Christmas Eve morning at dede and shug's house
Christmas Eve on the way home from juju and papa's house. little buddy was sorn out from all the fun. juju and papa gave him dexter the digger which he plays with almost every day. dexter often sleeps in the crib. william plays with everything he got for Christmas. the batcave and all its accessories: every day, all the trucks: every day, light saber: almost every day. he rotates them around, but i'd say he loves everything. mary martin plays with her stuff sporadically, but i'm not sure she couldn't live without any of it. which is why my husband was SO right, when he suggested santa not overdo it. this was also the first Christmas i was conflicted about the whole santa situation...i don't want to nix it altogether, but its hard to explain giving to needy children when they don't understand why can't santa just bring them their toys too? for example, they kept wanting everything out of the operation Christmas child shoeboxes and asking why they couldn't have it, and why we had to give it to someone else, etc..i even showed mm the operation Christmas child website photos, but it never registered. i'm so thankful she has never known hunger or a physical need that couldn't be met, but she has also never seen it. and she's not quite old enough yet to understand (she's not quite mature enough to go 'out into the real world'), so maybe all that will all come together before long and she can get a better grasp of how blessed and fortunate we are and how it truly is better to give than receive. i did not mean to get off on that from just a few Christmas pictures! its just been on my mind since we see commercials and go to stores and have never-ending wishlists. it made me realize how important it is that as soon as it is developmentally appropriate that they see not everyone lives the same way they and their friends do.

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