Sunday, February 26, 2012

love on valentine's day

 ww and mm started off the day with valentine's from mommy and daddy. i hadn't planned to wrap their little surprises but we had this exchange at least 3 times the day before: "hey mom, are you and daddy going to give me a valentine tomorrow? yes, mary martin.  "yay! don't forget to wrap it."
 william's candy valentine was a toolbox of chocolate tools. it was precious if i do say so myself. in the time it took me to take the twisty ties off mm's pony, the hammer and wrench were GONE. so i guess they were good and cute.
one of my valentine's to george robert...cause nothing says i love you like bacon.
 cookies for ninno's class party. (ninno is william, have i mentioned he sometimes calls himself ninno?) he can't really say L's so wiLLiam is a tough one. it first sounded like yu-yum, then ninnam, which is how he usually says it, but sometimes it comes out ninno. :)
our attempt at a cute idea i saw on pinterest. ..not exactly how i planned it, but we LOVE you all anyway!!

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