Wednesday, June 27, 2012

our little graduate

all saints' preschool comes the "yellow door" processional
mary martin with her yellow door classmates
L-R: julia, caroline, aiden, whit, john preston, mm, celia, nicolas, back: jacob, caleb, kinnon, reed, george, houston, joseph, emerson
mary martin receiving her diploma from mrs. bebe the preschool director
they had been practicing and the teachers told them to stand there for a second and smile so their families could take their picture. this was my favorite moment of the day...mary martin stood there with that huge smile and completely enjoyed her moment in the spotlight.
we were all so proud of her! dede came and got to hear our little songbird. during the program, we could hear her voice slightly over everyone else. at least she can carry a tune...
congratluations little preschool grad! next year you will begin the long march to your 2025 graduation! just remember mary martin, keep your way pure by living according to His word, seek Him with all your heart that you might not stray from His commands, and hide His word in your heart!! (ref.psalm 119:9-11) mommy has been praying for your kindergarten teacher and class, that you will be just where God wants you with a teacher who can love and nurture you as well as challenge and teach you. you are so special to us and we are so proud of you!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

William's 3rd Birthday!

 for almost a year william has been saying he wanted a "woody buzz" party when he turned 3.
 he loved mm's pony so much, i knew i wanted to have the pony come back for HIS special day. but after last time, i realized i needed something for the kids to do while they waited on a pony ride, so we got a toy story bouncy house!
 The party table...toy story was such a fun theme to decorate for because i love all the bright primary colors and the fun prints.

 also a lesson learned from mm's party...i had too much food! i threw away over a dozen little sandwiches and i can't remember what else, so this time the menu was: cake and ice cream, popcorn, toy story gummies and lemonade.

party favors:  toy story pez dispensers with etch a sketch tags...i found these as a free printable online!
 mm on the pony...guess who did not ride the pony...WILLIAM! he wouldn't get near it!! go figure.
william had lots of sweet friends from church and school... about 15 kids! he had a blast. and another lesson i learned...don't assume each party will be like the next! i think these kids would have eaten more if i'd had more. the jumping must make you hungry. :) but it was still fun, and the 3 and almost 3 year olds loved getting their own lemonade out of the drink dispenser.
thanks to everyone who came and made william's party so much fun.