Sunday, August 5, 2012

william's 3 year update


william turned 3 on may 26th and had his well child check-up the 1st week of june. he was 36 inches tall and weighed 29.5 pounds. which puts him in the 20th percentile for weight and height.

we started potty training the weekend before he turned 3 and it worked out well for us to wait a bit. he had relatively few accidents and never got frustrated. i took the pacifer from him right after he turned 2 but he still asks for it almost once a week. i just say let me go look for it then hope he forgets.

 william's favorite toys are stuffed animals, super hero toys like the batcave and trucks and tractors.
 he loves to swim, play outside (when it isn't so HOT) jump on the bed :/ and play with my iphone on the 3 or 4 number and alphabet games we have. and of course he loves riding on his batman big wheel and his john deere tractor here and gator at the farm. he is a bit headstrong which i remember his sister being at that age as well. one thing he has been doing for the last couple of months is running up to me at random times and saying, "mommy, i wuv you" and running off again. i can't pretend i don't love that one.
while his sister was an awesome napper every day until age 4, william is proving to be a little different. she would sleep for 1.5-2 hours every day but william will sleep for at least 3 hours! i know he didn't fall asleep right away, but he'd end up being in his bed for almost 4 hours. it didn't disrupt his sleep really, he just always woke up pretty early. so as he's gotten older we've started just "resting" in his bed, then napping maybe every other day or every 3rd day. i can tell the days he needs a real nap.:) he also got a big boy bed and some new big boy things for his room. we are waiting on a few final things to come before we show before and after photos. despite being a strong willed 3 year old he has such a sweet disposition most of the time and is very loving...and funny. he is just like his sister in that he gets very upset when he makes a bad choice and realizes we are upset with him. the "stern voice" breaks his heart. he will actually say "you bakin' my hawt mama"  :) our baby is growing up whether we like it or not. we are proud of you william!! and we love you so much.

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