Wednesday, September 5, 2012

our kindergarten girl

counting down the days...'s the night before kindergarten!
her aunt mimi sent her the book (thank you missy!!) and her teacher gave her the ready confetti to put under her pillow. she loved all the special treatment :)
the big day is finally here!!
we were trying to find great places to snap pictures that morning and this was her idea :)
standing in front of the school which is in its 100th year getting ready to walk in for the 1st time. i was so thankful parents could walk them to their classroom doors the first 2 days. i taught school for ten years, and i taught 2 and one half school years after mm was born but this is still such a new experience! i have such a new empathy for parents who haven't been to an elementary school since they were IN elementary school! and so many moms of my students who asked me 100 i get it. :) i SO get it. it's all i can do not to bug mrs. bryan every day with questions. i know now they were just asking because i was caring for their very heart for eight hours a day and no detail is irrelevant to a mother.
and there she is...our kindergarten girl! parents weren't supposed to linger so this was a quick walking away far she is loving it! the first few days were tough because she was worn out but now she is in the swing of it and having fun. we have been praying about school for months and monday night on labor day as i was putting her to bed i said, "try to go to sleep fast because...." and she interrupted me and said, " because tomorrow is another happy kindergarten day!" i'd call that an answered prayer. :)


allison said...

This nearly put me in tears... so so SO sweet.

Paige said...

How cute! Time does truly fly by. My daughter is in second this year and I promise it gets easier :)